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Challenges and opportunities for freedom of expression in the networked environment

Welcome to the Freedom of Expression Project.

Networked digital communications are spreading across the globe, transforming millions of lives.

Through communications technologies, people across the world have new opportunities to exchange ideas, realise their human creativity and organise for social and political change. Yet within this environment there are some significant threats to rights and freedoms. And many people do not yet benefit from what it has to offer.

This Project is a global collaboration to shape the networked communications environment as it continues to develop. It aims to build a communications environment that:

  • respects and promotes human rights
  • gives all people and communities opportunities fully to realise their human potential.

It is directed by a global group of Project partners, organisations committed to working together to advance these aims. It is coordinated by Global Partners and Associates and funded by the Ford Foundation.

Click on About the Project for information about the Project’s work and how it has developed. All the Project’s research to date is available at Project Research.

We are now developing and consulting on a set of rights-based principles to guide policy in the communications environment. See the Current Work Section to find out more.

Visit the Resources section for useful links to other organisations, initiatives and research and policy news.

Communications in the Public Interest

A framework for policy reform in national networked environments
June 2009

This series of independent research reports explores relationships between communications environments, freedom of expression and the public interest in Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya and Pakistan. The research was undertaken by partner organisations in the Freedom of Expression Project.

LH comments to MG comments

Comments on draft 1.1 of Charter, 06 Jan 2010

IRP Charter of Human Rights and Principles for the Internet

Please click on the attachment links below to open the relevnat documents (all in Word .doc format).

Values, Principles and Rights in Internet Governance

Max Senges and Lisa Horner
August 2009

This paper examines whether policy frameworks based on values and principles might help to build an internet and wider communications environments that support human rights.

Rights and Principles at the Internet Governance Forum

The Freedom of Expression Project participates in the annual UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF), and is an active supporter of the Dynamic Coalition on Internet Rights and Principles. At the 2008 Forum in Hyderabad we brought together stakeholders from civil society, business and government to discuss how we can work together to mainstream human rights at the IGF.

Press Freedom and Democratization

In September 2008 the Freedom of Expression Project participated in the International Media Support conference on ICTs and networked communications environments.

Access to Knowledge and Freedom of Expression

Consumer International has been holding a series of regional meetings for Access to Knowledge (A2K) advocates and practitioners. We participated in the meeting in Latin America in March 2009 to make links between the human rights and A2K communities.

Freedom of Expression Project Briefing Note, June 2008

Download a PDF copy of our most recent briefing note by clicking on the 'Attachment' link below.

Public interest principles for the networked communications environment

In 2008 we worked to define broad policy principles which, if adhered to by policy makers, business and users, could help build a communications environment that supports free expression and the public interest. You can download the current draft of these principles at the bottom of the page, or you can read and comment online by clicking here We want as many people as possible to feed into this process, so if you have any comments please get in touch.

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